Pentecost Sunday

In the last days, God says,

    I will pour out my Spirit on all people.

Your sons and daughters will prophesy,

    your young men will see visions,

    your old men will dream dreams.

Acts 2:17

This week we will be looking at the word that Pastor John Scholtz shared on Pentecost Sunday.

Firstly, we need to remember that we should not be divided on side issues like when or how we are baptised with the Holy Spirit. What is most important is that we are baptised in Him. We can look at it like a house. When we get saved, some of us put the Holy Spirit in the guest room. When we are baptised in the Holy Spirit, we give Him access to the whole house and He floods our lives.

Secondly, we need to get desperate for Him. God reacts when we cry out in desperation for Him. Great revival is always preceded by believers who are desperate for God and who humbled themselves before Him. If we want to see revival, we must get desperate.

Finally, we need to understand that we always need to be touched again by His Spirit. We can’t become so secure in the way things are now that we stop relying on the Holy Spirit. He always has something new He wants to do with us.

  • How much of your ‘house’ have you surrendered to the Holy Spirit?
  • Are you desperate for the Holy Spirit?
  • When last did you encounter the power of the Holy Spirit? Would you like to be touched by Him again today?