Cause and Effect

but He said to them, “I must preach the kingdom of God to the other cities also, because for this purpose I have been sent.”

Luke 4:43

This week we will be looking at the word that Pastor Louis shared on Sunday entitled ‘Cause and Effect’.

Firstly, we need to understand the importance of the Kingdom of God. One of the main purposes of Jesus’ life on earth was to establish and proclaim the Kingdom of God. We too are called to take back ground from the enemy and advance the Kingdom.

Secondly, we need to remember the Cause of the Kingdom. The Cause is that which motivates us to take a stand like David stood up for Israel against Goliath. The Cause is motivated by principles and values which we as a Kingdom people hold to and will not let go of regardless of what the world or the popular culture of our day says.

Finally, we need to take action. We cannot understand the Kingdom Cause and then sit idly by. We cannot simply enjoy the benefits of the Kingdom and ignore our responsibilities. We have been given Time, Treasure and Talents and we are called to use them to advance the Kingdom of God.

  • Is the Kingdom of God a priority in your life?
  • What principles and values would you stand up for, even if it was unpopular?
  • How are you giving of your Time, Treasure and Talents? Do you need to give more?