Being a Witness Regardless

But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea.
Acts 1:8 (KNJV)

This week we’ll be discussing what it means to be a witness regardless of what is happening around us.
We are all chosen for salvation, but sometimes God chooses specific people for a specific job at a specific time and place. Sometimes we won’t be chosen and we need to learn to be a good witness even in these times.
A great example of being a ‘good witness regardless’ is Barsabas. He had been with Jesus and the disciples for a long time but was still not chosen to replace Judas (you can read this story in Acts 1:20- 26). Regardless of the fact that he was not given the position, he continued to serve God faithfully.

We need to be able to replicate this, but we cannot do it out of pure willpower. We need to carry a revelation of who God is in our hearts so we can accurately reflect Jesus regardless of the position we do or do not have.
Just like Peter who did not have any money to give to the lame man outside the gate Beautiful (Acts 3:2-6), we do have something to give people. We have Jesus. Our testimony of what he has done in our lives is the power of our revelation, and it is worth more than any amount of silver or gold.

– How do you normally react to not being chosen?
– How can you better serve God even when you don’t have the position you were hoping for?
– What testimony do you have that you could share with others at any given time?